Multistage pumps for chemical plant in Fos-sur-Mer, France

Emica Fos-sur-Mer

Q = 56 m3 / h
H = 270 m
P = 75 kW

3 high pressure multistage pumps manufactured by EMICA are already installed and running at KEM ONE Fos-sur-Mer production plant (France), one of the largest PVC producers in Europe.

These pumps, model WL 65 with 7 impellers in stainless steel, supply high pressure water to the plant boilers.
As these pumps are involved in a critical process, one extra spare pump is ready to be immediately installed if needed.
KEM ONE, a leader in the vinyl sector with 1300 employees and turnover of 800 million €, has relied on EMICA pumps for this project based on the robustness of EMICA pumps and its strong presence in the chemical sector.

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