EMICA is a living example of adaptation to different scenarios. Throughout our history, we have been able to verify that what previously seemed unthinkable, today is inevitable.

Our legacy of more than 120 years has been based on three axes: Customer - Product - People. Today, we want to continue strengthening these three axes, introducing systematized eco-innovation processes, in the field of improving the efficiency of the systems, the zero risk of leakage in the seals in ISO 2858 pumps or in the circularity of the equipment.

Eco-innovación EMICA
EMICA reliability


In current times, in which industrial processes are focused on obtaining products with programmed obsolescence, EMICA continues to show off the historical robustness and reliability of its equipment, which makes it possible for pumps with decades in service to be sent to the factory for maintenance through a REMANUFACTURING process.

These medals are not only a recognition to the pump, but also to the customer, for his confidence in the product and the brand.

The technical cycles of the Circular Economy


It refers to the reuse of a product without modifications. For example: when transmitting it from one user to another.


It refers to the repair of a defect (mechanical, electronic ...), but without guarantee on the entire product.


This process is mainly focused on improving the aesthetics of a product to give a "new look", possibly accompanied by some functional improvements.


It is the adaptation of a product so that it is functional again, with a guarantee on the entire product, but without having a new product status.


It is the recovery and processing of the raw materials of a product to be used as raw material for another product of the same or different type.



REMANUFACTURING is a process that consists of restoring a worn product or component (damaged, at the end of its useful life, obsolete or in a state of waste) to a level of performance and quality equal to or higher than that of a new product; and offering an equal or superior guarantee

Circular economy - Emica


For the client:

  • Access a high quality product
  • At the forefront of technology
  • Reduction of environmental impact by promoting the circular economy
  • At a lower price than a new equipment
  • With the same guarantee as a new equipment
  • With a shorter delivery time

For the manufacturer:

  • Reduce the costs associated with obtaining raw materials and the energy necessary to manufacture new products
  • Creation of new lines of products and services
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Reduction of environmental impact by promoting the circular economy

REMANUFACTURING at EMICA follows a systematic, methodical, and meticulous process, with its own line and based on six stages: Collection, Disassembly, Separation, Cleaning, Inspection, Restoration and Re-assembly. The result is a quality equipment at a lower price and in a shorter time, complying with the FPrEN 45553 (PNE-prEN 45553) standards that promote the circular economy bases already established in ISO 14009: 20.

Remanufacture- Emica


Has been audited following an ISO 9001 type audit model designed by IHOBE, the University of Mondragón and the Franhofer Institute of Germany, obtaining a certificate with a very satisfactory result, which makes us a REFERENCE in this field.



In addition, in the III Edition of the SME of the Year Award in Bizkaia 2019, promoted by Banco Santander and the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce, EMICA Bombas was awarded as a RESPONSIBLE company. It was highly valued the development of eco-innovative solutions, which contribute significantly to the Circular Economy.

EMICA participated in the Basque Ecodesign Meeting 2020, a congress where the UN and the European Commission, among others, have participated, presenting their vision of Circular Economy and REMANUFACTURING of their teams. In addition, on the ECO product exhibition that has been organized at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao, a remanufactured EK Pump has been presented at our facilities.

Proceso remanufactura EMICA
Proceso remanufactura EMCIA
Proceso remanufactura EMICA
Proceso remanufactura EMCIA

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