New EMICA 2021 product catalogue

We present you our new product catalog, which has been designed by regrouping the families of pumps by their type.

Likewise, a list of the most commonly pumped fluids, typical applications, and the ANSI / HI nomenclature for each type of pump. In this way, it will be easier for you to identify and select the most appropriate equipment according to the real need in each case.

Catalogue sample

What will you find in the new catalogue?

  • New products such as the magnetic-driven pumps or the heating chamber for industrial processes pumps, among many others.
  • Technical information to help making a preselection based on the usual parameters of the pumps (Q, H, T)
  • EMICA adaptability: some frequently requested adaptations, such as different driving systems, motors, base plates, special groups and peripherals.
  • Catalogue sample
  • Catalogue sample
  • Catalogue sample