A veteran bomb ready to go back to work

Torraspapel Emica

The pump in the picture is one of our veterans, with 25 years of service in an industry as aggressive as the Pulp & paper.
She is a multistage pump, type HDA 100 with 8 impellers, and she was designed to pump condensate water at 115 C, with a flow rate of 73m3/h at 800 rated head, for feeding the black liquor recovery boiler.
As a reward for her years of service, she has been given a tune-up at our Gallarta facility.
This is her final look. She is eager to return to her sisters, sporting her badge so she can tell them in detail about her adventure.
With an industrial capacity of more than 1.6 million tonnes, Lecta Ltd. group  (UK) currently owns five modern factories located in Spain, one in France and one in Italy, dedicated to the production of special papers, chemical pulp coated paper and support paper.
The Torraspapel plant in Zaragoza has the largest capacity of the group, with 430,000 Tm of production. Besides, it integrates a cellulose manufacturing plant.
Further, Torraspapel is one of our a historical customers.



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