New supply of magnetic driven pumps for Azsa (Glencore group)

bombas de arrastre magnético para Azsa (grupo Glencore)

In 2019, EMICA delivered the first 10 units of MAG-type pumps to Asturiana de Zinc to be installed at the plant in San Juan de Nieva (Castrillón- Asturias) The first ones were used to load tanks with sulfuric acid 98%, (Q = 50m3/h; H = 14m and 11kW motor).

In 2021, AZSA once again entrusted EMICA with the first CPK 32-200 units, also for 98% sulfuric acid and transfer between tanks designed for Q=10m3/h; H=40 m and 5.5 and 7.5 kW motors.



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