Kekeli - Emica

It could be said that they are wearing the Betis football kit.

Not really. Our girls are leaving far away. This time they are going to Lomé (Togo), to be part of a combined cycle plant (Kékéli) that, with its 65 MW, will cover 40% of the energy needs of this republic. The plant will be powered by natural gas supplied by the West African pipeline, and liquefied propane as well, and at the time of its commissioning it will be the most efficient of its range and also the smallest with gas turbines in Sub-Saharan Africa, allowing Togo to reduce its dependence on heavy fuel oil plants, which are much less efficient and more polluting in the country's energy mix.

The design and manufacture of these pumping equipment have been entrusted to us by TSK and AMEC FOSTER WHEELER

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