figurilla 120 aniversario emica

This year has been extremely intense, not only because of all the challenges that lie ahead, but also because of the enormous and warm reception that our 120th anniversary has had among our clients and collaborators.

They have been months full of interviews, events, awards ... without neglecting our daily commitments.

Each interview, each prize, only commits us to take Emica further; we could not disappoint the many and many of you who have been on our side.

The figurine that shapes the prize awarded by local authorities and the Basque Government, represents a blaster practicing a hole in the rock, in which to house the explosive that will open the access to the metal.

A hard job.

The blaster illustrates, therefore, the overcoming facing the adversity, the perseverance, steely determination and a battle-hardened character.

The Basque character sculpted by the stone that jealously hides the metal and the rough sea that hits our coasts.

From EMICA PUMPS, we wish all our customers, suppliers and collaborators a happy and fruitful year 2020.

Merry Christmas!!


Firma Jon Ander

Jon Ander Aguirrebengoa

General Manager

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