A Diver Suit from 1930 is back almost a century later

Emica Buzo

Working in this emblematic company brings surprises with a more than pleasant frequency. Sometimes we have on the other end of the line a farmer whose grandfather bought an EMICA pump sixty years ago, looking for spare parts. Other times, we can find our pumps integrated into the landscape, in the form of an artistic composition in parks, walks and corporate areas of companies that have been our clients since their foundation.

But when the Euskal Itsas Museoa (Basque Museum of the Sea) contacts you… that sounds promising.

They were asking us for information about a very particular piece: a full 1930's diving suit, manufactured in London by the English company Siebe & Gorman and which EMICA marketed at that time, among a large group of articles. This diver presided over the huge showcase of our branch in Donosti, like his twin did it in f our HQ, on Ibañez de Bilbao street.

Both in Bilbao and Donosti, they became very popular, monopolizing the attention, especially of the children, who pulled the hand of their parents to contemplate once again the imposing diver with his shiny bronze helmet; a real one, like the ones in the movies.

After the closure of these branches, in the 1980s, they disappeared and this one, which can be seen in the exhibition at the Euskal Itsas Museoa, reappeared ten years later, donated to the Institution, as if it had really emerged, so many years later, claiming its leading role in the history.

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Euskal Itsas Museoa

Noticias de Guipuzkoa 1

Noticias de Guipuzkoa 2

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