Emica Solar

It is not the first time we had to find floating solutions for different pumping needs in our 120 years of history, but this time we have gone one step further.

Our vocation to adapt to our clients, offering them innovative solutions for their future needs, has led us to develop a solution for solar power generation on floating platforms.

The EMICA SOLAR team brings together a deep knowledge of pumping applications, and extensive experience in the solar and naval sectors.

This made it the ideal starting point for the development of solar-powered high performance pumping solutions (either connected or not to pumping).

Focusing on applications with a relevant power consumption, we have developed a product based on FPV system (floating solar) for ponds or reservoirs.

Our proposal minimizes the contact of the structure with water (only 7% of the covered surface) ensuring a very high air convection underneath the panels.

In addition, not only it is possible to use double-faced panels, but it also allows the adjustment of the panels to the optimum angle (currently up to 30 degrees).

The structural design mimics a boat, having to float and be stable even in presence of waves. However, it is made of metallic components.

These features can generate up to 40% more power as compared to the conventional onshore solutions without double-faced panels.

Please visit our website EMICA SOLAR for further details, updates and more interactive content.

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