An amazing visit

EK 150/33

It came out of our facilities conceived, designed, assembled with care, tested and blessed.

It was the year 67. Some of those who gave it life, already left us, others comb gray hair or are retiring. So many things have changed in EMICA and in our environment ... But basically we continue to represent the same values ​​... And we put the same effort.

Two generations beating, wow, and we see her entering as an old person with age-related ailments would do, or just following a routine checkup.

"No doubt; look at it, it's an EMICA pump "

Those who examine it will wonder how much liquid it will have been able to transfer for so many years, the stories it would tell if it could speak. It was a silent witness of the Vietnam and the Six Days wars, among many others, dictatorship periods, the premiere of democracy, the hippies, the conquest of the Moon, the fall of the Wall ...

So, it's amazing every time a pump knocks on our door again and we read on its plate what we recorded then, so many years ago ...

A change of bearings, gaskets and new joints, a touch up here, another over there, a little fat and performance tests. Perfect; it has the health of a boy. The operator looks at it almost tenderly and runs his hand gently through the body of robust cast metal. He clicks and could swear that the pump has returned a wink.

There we have it, in shining EMICA blue, exultant and ready to continue pumping who knows how many millions of liters more.

And maybe it will come back, and those who have done the facelift today are no longer there, or have combed their hair, or are retiring.

It is proper to things done conscientiously, with love and craftsmanship.

That they survive us.

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